Sync BlackBerry with Outlook.

Sync2 - Synchronize BlackBerry with Outlook Contacts, Calendars and Tasks.

sync2 Microsoft Outlook sync with BlackBerry is easy with Sync2. Contacts, Calendars and Tasks in Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry can be synced via Google services. After installation of Sync2, just follow the Synchronization Setup Wizard steps. Schedule synchronization and it will start automatically, otherwise you can start syncing manually any time you need the changes to be transferred. Set up a Google account on your BlackBerry by following the Email Setup Wizard. After you sync Outlook with Google and set up a Google account on your BlackBerry you will have your Contacts, Calendars and Tasks synced. Microsoft Outlook and Google services synchronization will start automatically after you finish the Synchronization Setup Wizard.

Why to sync Microsoft Outlook with BlackBerry?

  • Syncing Blackberry with Outlook allows you to have your most important data on your computer and smartphone;
  • Access to all your latest data available from your devices no matter where you are.

Microsoft Outlook synchronization also available with:

  • BlackBerry phones;
  • other Microsoft Outlook accounts;
  • Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts;
  • Microsoft Exchange Server accounts;
  • Android smartphones;
  • Windows Phones;
  • iPhones, iPads and iPads Mini.

Start Microsoft Outlook sync with BlackBerry:

  • automatically, according to a schedule;
  • manually.

Syncing BlackBerry with Outlook data, such as:

  • Contacts folders;
  • Calendar folders;
  • Tasks.
  • Sync BlackBerry with Outlook Contacts.

    Sync BlackBerry with Outlook Contacts.

    Set up synchronization with Google and have your Outlook Contacts on BlackBerry. Access the same contacts on your Outlook and BlackBerry.
  • Synchronize BlackBerry with Outlook Calendars.

    Synchronize BlackBerry with Outlook Calendars.

    Keep your Calendars synced and do not miss any important meetings. Use Sync2 to sync BlackBerry with Outlook calendars using Google services. Make your calendars accessible via computer or smartphone.
  • Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry Task synchronization.

    Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry Task synchronization.

    Forget about syncing your tasks and to-do list manually. Sync2 allows you to have your BlackBerry and Outlook Tasks synced via Google services. Update and modify your task folder via Microsoft Outlook or your smartphone.
  • Set up one-way or two-way  Microsoft Outlook sync with BlackBerry.

    Set up one-way or two-way Microsoft Outlook sync with BlackBerry.

    Sync2 features a one-way or two-way synchronization. Two-way synchronization allows you to transfer the changes both ways from Outlook to BlackBerry and vice versa. One-way sync requires to set the synchronization direction. By doing that the user defines which way the changes should be transferred: from Microsoft Outlook to BlackBerry or vice versa.
  • Schedule BlackBerry Outlook sync.

    Schedule BlackBerry Outlook sync.

    Set the synchronization schedule and do not worry about it again. Let Sync2 do the backup job in the background. Start synchronization manually if you need.
  • Event-based BlackBerry Outlook synchronization

    Event-based BlackBerry Outlook synchronization.

    Sync2 uses an event-based synchronization, which makes the process faster. Event-based synchronization means that only the recent changes are being transferred. This way there is no need to upload/download huge amounts of data each time.
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